LOTO Box, Group Lockout Box

LEDS LOTO box fall into two broad categories: LOTO lock box and group lockout box. LOTO lock box functions like a lock box workstation and provides the ultimate storage space for large facilities and for use by multiple departments. The group lockout box is mainly used to store the keys, padlocks and tags of multiple workers and single or multiple locking devices.
  • Group LOTO box

    Group LOTO box

    Group LOTO box is made of heavy steel and powder coating, which has strong rust resistance. The portable metal group lockout box includes a locking button and a slot for inserting the key when the box is locked. The lid can hold up to 12 pa...

  • Portable Group Lock Box

    Portable Group Lock Box

    Portable group lock box require only a specified security padlock to secure each lock point on the device; The key is captured from these lock points by placing it in the lock box; Each authorized employee locks a personal security padlock ...

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LOTO Box Useage

Group lockout boxes are used to store keys, padlocks, and tags for multiple workers and for single or multiple locking devices. The key to the locking device or the master key to the disconnected device is placed in a metal lock case. Each worker put his own safety padlock on the box. When each worker has completed his task, he will remove his personal lock. When all locks are removed, the authorized crew leader or supervisor will verify that all workers are out of danger before restarting power or equipment.