Butterfly Valve Lockout, Butterfly Valve Lockout Device

LEDS butterfly valve lockout device has an innovative design that locks butterfly valves when the handle is OFF position. These butterfly valve lockout can accommodate up to 2.5 "and 4" butterfly handles, depending on their size. Our butterfly valve lockout is capable of locking most butterfly valves for a variety of applications. This is a simple and effective way to protect your butterfly valves from unauthorized operation...
  • Universal Valve Lockout Base Clamping Unit

    Universal Valve Lockout Base Clamping Unit

    If you do not want to purchase different valve locks, use universal valve lockout base clamping unit to lock different valve types. Universal butterfly valve lockout of LEDS is durable and easy to use, which can replace many kinds of equip...

  • Adjustable Butterfly valve Lockout

    Adjustable Butterfly valve Lockout

    Suitable for most butterfly valve handles with 4mm diameter cable locks; Adjustable Angle of 15~36 degrees; It can realize a safety padlock with 7mm. Butterfly Valve Lock LDV52 Features The valve is locked in seconds by feeding the adjusta...

  • Butterfly Valve LOTO

    Butterfly Valve LOTO

    Butterfly valve LOTO LDV51 is suitable for butterfly valves of 0.8cm-4.5cm; Advanced engineering plastic ABS material, complete insulation, strong and durable; Excellent fracture resistance and wear resistance, can extend the ...

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Butterfly Valve Lockout Useage

Butterfly valve lockout devices are used to regulate or isolate the energy flow of the butterfly valve in the locking tag procedure. They provide economical choice, and they are lightweight, which means they require less support than other valves. Butterfly valve lockouts are also easy to use. They can be easily locked on or off depending on your needs. The butterfly valve safety locks of LEDS are made from strong non-conductive polypropylene and are therefore well suited for long-term industrial use. All of our butterfly valve lockouts are highly resistant to chemicals, solvents, rupture and even wear.