Wall Switch Lockout, Light Switch Lockout

Wall switch lockout is easy to install and work with most wall - mounted switches. They have a red high visibility base and a transparent cover that prevents wall switches from being plugged in and locks them in the "on" or "off" position.
  • Wall Switch Lockout Device

    Wall Switch Lockout Device

    A. Transparent high strength glass resin PC material; B. It shall be permanently installed on the wall switch or transfer switch and other electrical appliances. The lock shall be opened before operation to prevent accidental contact; C. Wi...

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Wall Switch Lockout Feature

Light switch lockout - mounted switches can be used to secure most types of switches;
Large, flat switches are ideal;
Transparent high strength glass resin PC material;
It can be secured by existing siding screws or by 3M double-sided adhesive tape;
Permanently installed in the wall switch or switch switches and other electrical appliances, the need to open the lock to operate, to prevent accidental contact;
You can use a single padlock (not included) for securing.