Nylon Padlock, Isolation Padlocks

LEDS nylon padlock provide a safer alternative to metal locks for Lockout Tagout applications. The lock body is non-conductive, and the unique padlock internal design prevents current from flowing from the lock beam to the key, thus protecting workers when the key is inserted. It is suitable for locking products requiring live operation in a variety of industries. Similarly, isolation padlocks can also be carved with personalized or numbered padlocks, and can be configured with keyed different, keyed alike, and master keys upon request. Nylon padlock is self-adhesive high performance PVC label that can withstand harsh environments. Padlock tags raise employee awareness and prevent unauthorized access and accidental machine starts.

Nylon Padlock Feature

Non-conductivity: Ideal electrical applications and accessories; Easy to carry: lightweight design, easy to grasp; Key preservation security: the key is only pulled out when padlocked; Wide range of applications: preferred for most indoor locking applications.

Isolation Padlocks Keying options

Isolation padlocks of LEDS have different key options, namely: keyed different, keyed alike and master key.
Keyed different series each padlock is equipped with 2 keys (1 can be optional). Each isolation padlocks haave unique key, and the lock should not open to each other, meaning that the key should not open any other lock.
Keyed alike series with 1 key per padlock (more keys optional). The keyed alike padlock series allows all padlocks to be opened with a single key, i.e. the padlock has the same lock core, making it easy for authorized personnel to carry a single key with multiple padlocks.
Nylon padlock with a master key has a different lock core, just like the keyed different padlock, except that the padlock kit includes a master key that unlocks all padlocks in the padlock set, allowing the master or superior to unlock the padlock in an emergency. The master keyed series is divided into the alike master series and the different master series.