Multi Lock Hasp, Multiple Lockout Hasp

Multi lock hasp also known as multiple lockout hasp, solves the problem of multiple people managing the same machine or pipe, helping your team remember that each energy source is properly isolated. When the machine needs to be repaired, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and lockout tagout the power supply to prevent someone from opening the power by mistake and causing harm to maintenance personnel. Our multi lock hasp come in a variety of sizes, as well as labeled and insulated non-conductive options.
  • Safety Lockout Hasp

    Safety Lockout Hasp

    Safety lockout hasp series, also known as multi padlock hasp, solves the problem of multiple people managing the same machine or pipe and will help your team remember that each energy source is properly isolated...

  • Isolation Hasp

    Isolation Hasp

    Isolation hasp has excellent insulation performance, simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to operate and so on, can be divided into steel safety lockout hasp, aluminum lockout hasp (fireproof flower) and nylon lockout hasp (in...

  • Master Lock Hasp

    Master Lock Hasp

    Master lock 420 fasteners More than one worker at each lock point keeps the equipment out of action while repairs or adjustments are made, and control cannot be opened until the last worker's safety padlock is removed from the lockout hasp...

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Multi Lock Hasp Feature and Useage

Industrial lockout hasp, also known as multi lock hasp or multiple lockout hasp, is a lockout tagout products, with excellent insulation performance, simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to operate and other characteristics, has been widely used in China.

Most of the domestic electricity enterprises can see the use of industrial multi lock hasp, multi lock hasp has solved the safety problems in the maintenance of enterprise machinery and equipment. Because when the machine equipment maintenance, often accidentally turn on the power supply, and then to the maintenance personnel harm. The use of the multiple lockout hasp can avoid the occurrence of accidents, can lockout tagout the power supply to achieve the purpose of warning and protection, so that the relevant personnel to identify the location of the source of danger, prevent misoperation, ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. To be specific, when many people are engaged in maintenance work, they should cut off the power level and lock the power supply to make the power supply locked and unable to be turned on, so as to ensure the power supply is in a safe state and prevent people from misoperation to turn on the power supply, so as to protect the maintenance personnel. After the maintenance work is completed, the multiple lockout hasp should be evacuated from the maintenance site. Only then can all the row locks be removed and finally the power can be turned on. Therefore, multi lock hasp can solve the safety problem of multiple people managing the same machine, avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, and play a great role in ensuring the personal safety and the safety of power supply.

The wide application of multiple lockout hasp has a great relationship with the characteristics of its products, multiple lockout hasp product structure design is reasonable, the overall design is inclined to the user's needs, to meet the user's needs for product operation and safety, the operation of multiple lockout hasp is very simple, easy to understand. Its characteristics are also relatively good, with good insulation performance, because its raw material is nylon, this material has good insulation, combined with the product, its performance will be more perfect, expand the application range of products and improve the performance of products.

Steel lockout hasp have strong characteristics and long service life. Before leaving the factory, they need to go through special treatment, electroplating, spraying and other ways to improve the performance of steel steel loto hasp and strengthen the quality of products. After treatment, the anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability of industrial lockout hasp is more outstanding, which makes the applicability of the products have a qualitative leap, and can be used in a certain degree of harsh environment. The structure of the product is not so complex, the volume is also inclined to miniaturization, is conducive to the use and operability of users, is a relatively practical security padlock product.

Multi lock hasp with the type is various, there are six lock hasp, insulation lockout hasp, eight lock hasp, labeled lockout hasp, such as different types of multi lock hasp has different features and characteristics, can satisfy different customers' needs, let the user in multiple lockout hasp actual benefit in use process, help users to better manage hazards, ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.