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LOTO Devices is also called lockout tagout Locks, LEDS provides protection circuit breaker to power plug valve products such as LOTO devices, even be used according to demand of company breaker lockout, valve lock, lockout hasp, cable lockout and some lockout tagout kits, safety padlock and lockout tag are listed for each lock must form a complete set of products. Each safety padlock comes with a self-adhesive high performance label and a security tag to raise staff awareness and prevent unauthorized access and accidental machine starts.
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LOTO Devices

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Lockout Tagout Lock

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LOTO Devices

Needed By Each Industry In Lockout Tagout Procedure
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As a LOTO devices wholesale manufacturer in CHINA province, LEDS safety lock supplies a full range of lockout tagout lock, including safety padlock, lockout hasp, circuit breaker lockout, valve lock, cable lockout, electrical equipment lockout, pneumatic cylinder lockout, lockout tag, lockout box & station and lockout kit.

LOTO Devices Usage

When the equipment or tools are being repaired, maintained or cleaned, the power source associated with the equipment is cut off. The device or tool will not boot.At the same time all the energy (power, hydraulic, air, etc.) is turned off.The purpose: to ensure that workers or related personnel working on the machine are not injured. The range of industries involved in lock out tag out lock: power switches, gas switches, pipe valves, places that need to be highlighted and other places that need permission management.

Lockout Tagout Lock Choose

1, Look at the surface treatment status: locks are usually electroplated, sprayed or colored before leaving the factory, these steps are beneficial to the lock itself, because after this series of treatment, will form a layer of protective film on the surface of LOTO devices, which can play an anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation role. From this point, the user can directly measure the quality of the lock.
2, Weigh in hand ratio feel: the lock of cut short material commonly USES hollow inferior material to make, not only weigh in hand rise light, and use rise hand to also compare bad.
3, look at the safety standards: there are very strict standards for LOTO devices at home and abroad, small manufacturers will in order to save costs do not follow the standard implementation, and big brands will generally comply with the standard.