Laminated Padlock, Laminated Steel Padlock

Here at LEDS, we supply a complete range of laminated padlock that are designed to be much stronger and resilient than any other. The laminated steel padlock that we have available are ideal for resisting attacks and withstanding the impact of all-weathers. These locks are best used in environments that are susceptible to wear and tear. Our Laminated, Weatherproof Padlocks are designed to protect your property.
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Laminated Padlock Feature

Laminated padlocks are used to lock specific equipment or machinery, or even entire areas, during preventive maintenance or repair. They are an integral part of industrial safety measures and are equally important in any environment with heavy machinery or electrical installations. To allow the different departments to be used differently, LEDS come in a variety of colours: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, brown, black and white.

Laminated Steel Padlock Model Selection

Laminated steel padlock is difficult to overstep and are more effective at restricting access than lockout labels and other pure visual indicators that may not be noticed.Here are some of the factors that help.

1. Durability: The durability of laminated padlock requires careful attention. The materials used to make lockout padlocks determine their durability. Material selection includes:
Steel - Laminated steel padlocks have excellent durability and tensile properties. They can also withstand high temperatures and corrosive substances.
Aluminum - This material is very close to steel, almost the same strength and durability, but can withstand high temperatures, ultraviolet light and other chemicals. Anodized alumina variants are also used in the food processing industry.
Non-conductive material - ideal for latching electrical installations and in highly sensitive environments such as hospitals or mines, a lockout padlock made of this material prevents accidental surges or leakage of residual power.

2. Key selection: Usually, each Laminated steel padlock is paired with a different/unique key to ensure security. However, it is quite possible to operate a set of locks with a single key. This can prove especially effective in terms of security locks for locking.
Depending on specific requirements, an lockout padlock may be: the same key -- a single key for multiple locks; Different keys - Each lock has a different key; Master key - a master key used for a set of locks.

3. Padlock identification: Padlock identification enables personnel in a workshop, factory setting, or any other work environment to notice that a given area or machine is blocked until further notice. Safety locks can be customised using laser engraving, personalised tags or brightly coloured lock bodies to make them more effective. However, the materials used in coatings should meet the specific requirements of the industry.
In addition to significant visual and physical limitations, padlock identification often contains important information about the technician in the maintenance area/equipment, nature of the problem, anticipated downtime, etc. Locks can also have photo ids to make identification easier.