Cylinder Lockout, Cylinder Valve Lockout

Cylinder lockout is compatible with most cylinders and cap threads of different diameters. Cylinder valve lockout is specifically designed to prevent the opening or closing of cylinder valves and are generally used to prevent tampering or unauthorized use of cylinders. Whatever is inside the cylinder, this sealed container should only be used by authorized personnel.
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  • Cylinder Tank Lockout

    Cylinder Tank Lockout

    Rugged engineering plastic ABS units are used to lock cylinder tanks, including forklifts and propane tanks on separate propane tanks. Cylinder tank lockout can easy to avoid unauthorized stem operation; Special design allows the device to...

  • Gas Cylinder Lockout Device

    Gas Cylinder Lockout Device

    Instead of matching your locking device to different diameters and cylinder head threads, gas cylinder lockout device of LEDS is adjustable and can be installed in seconds. Prevent unauthorized operation of the main cylinder valve; The max...

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