Clamp-On Breaker Lockout, Clamp On Breaker Lock

Clamp-on breaker lockout is widely used and can be easily installed with a proprietary finger wheel design screw - no screwdriver required; The included non-slip nail can be removed to extend the scope of application for circuit breakers. Generally used for locking single-pole /1P molded case circuit breaker, according to the size of the circuit breaker handle selection, there are three specifications: large, medium and small; Both small and medium sizes come with a base.
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Clamp-on Breaker Lockout Useage

1. Hit clamp-on breaker lockout to the close position;
2. Put the button clamp on breaker lock above the rocker switch to make the black opening around the rocker, and bite the rocker from the bottom with small teeth;
3. Rotate the screw wheel clockwise to fix the clamp-on breaker lockout on the rocker;
Note: Make sure the circuit breaker does not switch back to the "on" position. The rocker of the circuit breaker can still move slightly, but cannot reach the "on" position. If possible, you must reconnect the clamp on breaker lock or use the attached base if necessary;
4. If the circuit breaker lockout is securely mounted on the circuit breaker and is locked to prevent the rocker of the circuit breaker from hitting the "on" position, cover the screw wheel and insert the provided hole into the safety padlock.
Use base:
If you can't insert the lock on the breaker properly or if it leaves too much room for the joystick, use the attached base;
Jam the base hook on the triangle-side opening of the breaker lockout so that the lock can be attached as described above. The space of the joystick has been significantly reduced.