Aluminum Padlock, Aluminum Safety Padlock

Aluminum padlocks have features that make them the best choice for safety lockout applications. Lightweight aluminum padlocks can be comfortably carried by the user. Aluminum is corrosion resistant making aluminum padlocks an excellent choice for use in harsh environments. Most aluminum padlock models are powder coated with bright colors for high visibility. And finally, Aluminum padlocks can be easily laser engraved with personal information or a company logo.
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Aluminum Padlock Feature

LEDS aluminum padlock with (6.35mm) steel lock shackle and key fixing function.
The surface of the padlock shackle is electroplated with nickel and chromium. The height of the padlock shackle is optional, including 25mm (1 inch), 38mm (1-1/2 inch) and 76mm (3 inch).
Key series: keyed alike, keyed different and master key;
When inserting the key, it is not conductive. The key and shell of fireproof flower can protect workers from collision.;
When the padlock shackle is open, the key cannot be pulled out. 12 copper insert lock core, multiple combinations, high security, with more than 40,000 unique keys;
The color of the lock body is red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, orange, black and white.;
Optional laser engraving; padlocks can be registered to end users to avoid assigning key Numbers that are already in use.

The Difference Between Aluminum Safety Padlock And Ordinary Padlock

Aluminum safety padlock is nominally-different from a normal padlock, and its natural use is different in many ways, how is it different from a normal padlock?
The purpose of use is quite different: an aluminum padlock serves as a warning but is not intended to prevent theft, as a conventional padlock does, but it should be noted that while a padlock is not intended to prevent theft, its initiative is more important than a conventional padlock;
When users use durable aluminum padlock, the production materials are also quite different: conventional padlocks are made of metal materials and thus provide good durability. The production material of aluminum safety padlock is mainly engineering plastics. Although this kind of material in hardness and metal can not hard, but it has better corrosion resistance in use, can make it have longer service life in use, in use process also have greater convenience, of course, different manufacturers also has some differences, for its material for raw materials, as well as the quality difference;
The padlock shackle of the steel safety padlock can't spring open automatically and has the function of keeping keys, while the ordinary padlock is just the opposite.
A common padlock is generally a lock with a key, while a lockout padlock can be equipped with multiple keys. As mentioned above, the padlock can be equipped with alike key, different key and master key to facilitate enterprise management.